Meyercord Revenue has been selected by the State of Ohio to once again be the primary provider of heat-applied cigarette tax stamps. Back in May 2012, Ohio had selected a local company as its primary tax stamp supplier. During the initial contract Meyercord Revenue was asked to fulfill the tax stamping needs of the State on more than one occasion.  After the initial contract term expired, the State opted not to exercise any of the available contract renewal options and instead put out a competitive bid. Even with the incumbent’s “Buy Ohio” preference Meyercord Revenue was selected as the State’s primary stamp vendor. The selection by Ohio continues the positive evaluations by the market of Meyercord Revenue’s upgraded FUSON® product after recent wins in Minnesota, Maryland and New York.

Alex Finkel, Meyercord Revenue’s General Manager notes that “the recent wins in OH, MN, MD and NY are not only a testament to the markets positive evaluation of us, but are also evidence of our continued commitment to our customers. We are constantly working alongside our state partners to provide customized solutions that exceed the unique requirements of each state. This has led to the development of an upgraded tax stamp that is not only superior in its adhesion and transfer capabilities, but also includes best-in-class security features as well as optimized enforcement tools. But we don’t stop there; Meyercord Revenue is constantly looking beyond the physical tax stamp in order to meet our customer’s needs by providing value added services targeting enhancements to stamping, enforcement and compliance requirements.” 

About Meyercord Revenue

Founded in 1894, Meyercord Revenue is the leading excise tax stamp provider with customers in 45 U.S. states and approximately 140 municipalities and Native American tribes. Meyercord Revenue has over 58 years of dedicated industry experience providing cigarette excise tax stamps and to date has shipped over 5 Trillion tax stamps.

Meyercord Revenue’s focus on security on behalf of its clients is not only demonstrated by the fact that all of the products  developed for public agencies are sold exclusively to Meyercord Revenue’s government clients and are not commercially available, but also by its certification from the North American Security Products Organization (NASPO).