May 4, 2015—Meyercord Revenue, in partnership with U.S. Bank, launched a new Tax Stamp Ordering System for cigarette tax stamp sales and safekeeping needs for the Washington Department of Revenue (DOR). The expertise that both companies bring to the project provides the State and its cigarette distributors with an efficient, on-demand system, and considerable savings on personnel, storage, and liability costs.

“With the implementation of the DtD (Direct to Distributor) system offered by the partnership of SICPA and U.S. Bank, both the state of Washington and our authorized distributors have real time access to all stamp order activity and shipment status,” said Mel Kirpes, Miscellaneous Tax Program Coordinator, Special Programs Division, Washington State Department of Revenue.

Meyercord Revenue has provided the DOR with a FUSON® heat-transfer anti-counterfeit tax stamp since 1964. The new Tax Stamp Ordering System offers additional electronic services designed to further protect the DOR’s administration and enforcement of cigarette taxes through the tax stamp program. The user-friendly system integrates U.S. Bank’s e-Payment services with the Meyercord Direct to Distributor shipment model, making ordering tax stamps as easy as ordering other consumer goods online. State distributors use the system to order and pay for stamps and specify when the stamps should be delivered.

"By combining U.S. Bank's e-Payment services with SICPA’s tax stamp ordering and fulfillment system, DOR can now offer their customers one simple, easy system," says Wendy Sifford, VP & Relationship Manager, U.S. Bank Government Banking.

This Meyercord Direct to Distributor shipment model replaces the ordering system based on interactive voice response (IVR) and armed guard delivery with commercial overnight delivery services; distributors can now choose from a variety of shipping options, giving them flexibility to plan stamping operations. The new system is fast; an order can be placed in under 30 seconds. The first order was placed on April 7 and shipped the same day. For bonded distributors who make deferred payment purchases, the system automatically tracks outstanding bond limits and automatically approves any order within the available limit, making order processing faster.

The Tax Stamp Ordering System serves 33 distributors in 10 states. DOR uses the system’s real-time reports to monitor orders and payments to ensure consistent performance and track payments.

“Since the first order April 7, all orders have been fulfilled smoothly—with many deliveries prior to confirmed delivery time to distributors. Washington DOR will continue to receive support from Meyercord and U.S. Bank to fully recognize all the benefits from this new system,” said Alex Finkel, General Manager, Meyercord Revenue.

About Meyercord Revenue

Founded in 1894, Meyercord Revenue is the leading excise tax stamp provider with customers in 44 U.S. states and approximately 140 municipalities and Native American tribes. Meyercord Revenue has over 59 years of dedicated industry experience providing cigarette excise tax stamps and to date has shipped over 5 trillion tax stamps.


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