Oregon Becomes Newest State to Use Meyercord Revenue’s Direct-to-Distributor Tax Stamp System


March 7, 2016—Meyercord Revenue has expanded its nearly 20-year relationship with the State of Oregon to include Meyercord Revenue’s Direct-to-Distributor (DTD) service, which the State began using on March 1. Oregon is the eighth U.S. state to come on board the DTD platform. The solution is already in use in California, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma and Washington.



“We are thrilled to welcome the State of Oregon to the DTD platform,” said Meyercord Revenue President Alex Finkel. “Through the use of the DTD platform, the State of Oregon will reduce costs and resources needed to manage distributor stamp orders, starting immediately,” he concluded.


The Meyercord Revenue DTD order fulfillment and shipping service streamlines the delivery of approved tax stamp orders to authorized purchasers, and reduces costs incurred by states for secured warehousing, manpower for consignment locations and order fulfilment, insurance for storage and transportation, and shipping. Oregon also uses Meyercord Revenue’s standard shipping option, which provides two-day delivery for every order at no direct cost to distributors.


In contrast with the traditional fulfillment method where Meyercord Revenue ships stamps in bulk to states for warehousing and disbursement to wholesalers, the DTD solution uses Meyercord Revenue’s NASPO- and ISO-certified facility to store and ship stamp orders approved by the State. This reduces the State’s burden of managing inventory and shipments.



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