State of Missouri Awards Meyercord Revenue Excise Cigarette Tax Stamp Contract


May 19, 2016—Meyercord Revenue is proud to announce that the State of Missouri has once again selected Meyercord Revenue as its excise cigarette tax stamp provider. Meyercord Revenue has been providing Missouri with its proprietary FUSON® tax stamps since 1994.

“We are honored to continue to partner with the State of Missouri on its tobacco tax program. Meyercord Revenue continues to invest in and develop its sets of products and services and we are confident that we are providing the best in anti‐counterfeiting technology and leading customer service through our FUSON® heat‐transfer cigarette tax stamping system,” said Meyercord Revenue President Alex Finkel.


The FUSON® heat‐transfer cigarette tax stamping system provides a simple, cost‐effective, and secure way to collect state and municipal taxes. Meyercord stamps provide a combination of overt, covert, and forensic markers. The FUSON® stamp has proven to be a reliable means for maximizing tax collections. Meyercord Revenue is the leading U.S. provider of excise tax collection solutions that help government and law enforcement agencies reclaim lost revenue, close state budget gaps and protect jobs and essential public services.

About Meyercord Revenue
Founded in 1894, Meyercord Revenue is the leading excise tax stamp provider with customers in 46 U.S. states and more than 160 municipalities and Native American tribes. Offering customers industry leading tax stamp solutions with associated stamp fulfillment, tax processing, MSA compliance and audit selection IT capabilities, Meyercord Revenue has more than 59 years of dedicated industry experience supporting tobacco excise tax administrative and enforcement requirements and has shipped over 5 trillion tax stamps to date.

Meyercord Revenue
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