Humboldt County Medical Cannabis Control Pilot Comes to Successful Close


SPRINGFIELD, VA, February 22, 2017—Launched on August 1, 2016, the SICPA-administered Humboldt County Proof of Origin Pilot Program is coming to a successful close on February 28, 2017. The program was designed to track the movement of medical cannabis through each step of the supply chain, as well as trace the product back to its origin.


“SICPA’s solution enabled the County of Humboldt to document a forensic trail across the medical cannabis supply chain, from cultivator to dispensary, enabling proof of origin and allowing government officials and law enforcement to accurately track products, identify and reduce the spread of illegal cannabis, and bring criminals to justice,” said SICPA Vice President of Business Development Alex Spelman.


Humboldt County chose to work with SICPA on this pilot because of SICPA’s extensive experience providing track and trace solutions at both a state and national level that combine counterfeit-resistant stamps, traceability and enforcement tools, and data management services to create a platform that ensures easy regulatory compliance. SICPA’s solution is flexible enough to meet the needs of a mature market like California at the state, county and local municipality levels. In fact, the solution has been used since 2005 by the California Board of Equalization to effectively track and trace approximately 900 million packs of cigarettes annually, representing more than $835 million in annual excise tax collections.

Pilot Success
Humboldt County Agricultural Commissioner Jeff Dolf explained, “It was important to learn through the pilot program whether track and trace could demonstrate that the county’s commercial cannabis program incorporates enforcement principles important to local and federal law enforcement, including preventing distribution to minors, preventing diversion to other states, preventing revenue from supporting criminal enterprises and preventing growing on public lands. We wanted to prepare ourselves for a full-scale program, and that’s what we did.”

Roughly 150 industry sites in 47 cities across California participated in the program. During this short pilot, more than 30,000 stamps were applied to 1,800+ pounds of authentic Humboldt County medical cannabis and medical cannabis products. Participants included regulators, law enforcement and representatives from across the medical cannabis industry (cultivators, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and dispensaries).

Mr. Dolf continued, “A critical component of our medical marijuana land use ordinance requires that we offer artisanal branding, and the pilot confirmed we can do that effectively. We enjoyed working with SICPA and we learned a lot from their experience, especially when it comes to applying track and trace methodologies to the industry as it scales up and more folks come in to compliance.”

The program has received very favorable feedback from government and industry alike, and was successful in accomplishing its goals of giving regulators a full picture of the supply chain in one system, enabling simple product and volume reconciliation to identify suspicious activity, enabling the unique identification and protection of Humboldt derived products all while presenting industry with an easy-on ramp to regulatory compliance. Furthermore, the program was formally recognized with a commendation for Best Tax Stamp Program in the 2017 Excellence in Tax Stamps awards on January 31.

Program Benefits
SICPA’s medical cannabis control solution provides many benefits to program participants. For government officials and law enforcement, the solution offers:
• Visibility across the entire supply chain
• Ability to authenticate products and ensure they are produced legally

For growers, manufacturers, distributors, and dispensaries, the solution offers:
• Simple and efficient on-ramp to compliance
• Supply chain visibility
• An app and website that connects them with patients

Patients can count on the solution to:
• Authenticate medical cannabis products
• Ensure they are getting the right products for them

For more information on:
SICPA’s Medical Cannabis Control Solution - http://us.sicpa.com/CannabisControl

SICPATRACE® - http://www.sicpa.com/government-security-solutions/sicpatracer

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